Energy Efficient Windows save You Money

Energy Efficient Windows save You Money
May 03, 2014

After a long cold winter and higher than average heating bills, most Cedar Creek Lake homeowners are hoping for a month or two of relief before those summer heating bills kick in.

The good news is you still have time to replace drafty or old, single pane windows before the temps start to climb.

At Lake Glass & Mirror, we pride ourselves on being the top experts in window replacement and new window installation, and we’re proud to serve businesses and homeowners throughout Henderson, Kaufman and Van Zandt Counties.

Not sure if you have double pane windows? Try this trick: hold a lit lighter or match up to the window and count how many flames you see. If you only see one, it’s time to replace those windows. If you have two flames, you probably have an energy efficient solution already installed.

To find out more about energy efficient windows and for an estimate of what it would cost to have them installed in your home, call Gail at 903 880 0026.